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Sheena Kalso with employee

photo: Ciccarelli Photography.  Sheena pictured with 2015 Wedding Assistant, Ashley.

Hello, I’m Sheena.

An accidental entrepenuer, I launched my first business in 2006. The Invisible Hostess just celebrated a decade and during that time, I began and ended a few businesses as well as consulted for other event companies. A consistent key function in each role? Intern hiring and management.

My career is weddings and entrepreneurship, and over the last decade I’ve interviewed and hired around 100 people for the industry! I have unrivaled perspective on this subject.

The Invisible Hostess provided me a unique perspective and skill set. I would safely bet I am one of a very small group people who has ever interviewed, vetted, on-boarded and terminated more people in the wedding coordination business. 

I’d like to be very clear that my background is not in HR. I’m not formally trained in that particular field, and am always working to improve upon my own skills.  What my series and advice is based on is first hand experience as the person sitting in the hiring seat. 

I am also a lifelong learner and will be traveling the country meeting other professionals in different regions to get their take on best practices.  What flies in the PNW may be a complete gaff in the South.  I can’t wait to unearth new trivia and advice on this subject.

On a personal note, I truly love living in Seattle, I have small kids and a supportive husband  who keep me grounded when I have to wipe a bottom or wash dirty socks. We’re active in church, our family, our friends, happy hour, movie night, mani-pedis, tropical travel and brewery tours. I find any excuse to travel for work, but then can’t wait to get home to my little posse.

You’re going to get to know me better as you spend time with me.  Everything I write and post is coming from my brain, or is properly credited as I am never the smartest person in the room, but possibly the most curious.  I look forward to sharing what I learn as we go through this together.

Here’s to dreams, goals, balance, job fulfillment and the pursuit of being your best self!